Integrated Mail Industries


Our first recommendation is for you to come in and observe, in person, our dedication to both physical and electronic security. Call (414) 908-3509 to schedule an appointment. For nearly 30 years, our customers and suppliers have entrusted us with the most important information relating to their businesses. This relationship requires maintenance of absolute security and confidentiality. Integrated Mail Industries has built a reputation of respect and trust with regard to safeguarding the information we receive.

We exceed industry standards in physical security, including maintaining secure areas within all of our facilities. No one may enter the facilities without an employee or a visitor badge for identification purposes, and an employee escorts visitors at all times. Security cameras cover every entrance and exit, as well as every critical point within the interior and exterior of our warehouse and other work areas. These security features are present at both our data services and lettershop facilities.

Our employee's culture has a significant emphasis on security. We preserve safeguarding habits through scheduled security training. We have many practices and procedures that each and every one of our employees adheres to, such as the locking of computer screens when an employee leaves their desk. This ensures that all sensitive matter present at Integrated Mail Industries will not be compromised.

Our electronic security protocols are second to none. We run two networks, a general network that all employees have access to, and a secured network that can only be accessed by our data processing staff members. All logins are tracked and our servers log all file requests. We utilize an industry standard Network Monitoring System which monitors performance, availability and health of all critical systems on a 24x7x365 schedule. The system alerts our Internal IT support staff within minutes of any system(s) with performance or availability issues that may affect production. This allows us to maintain peak availability of critical systems and allows us to react to issues before they become more serious problems.